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The UK’s largest independent Galvanizer Corbetts The Galvanizers are looking to remodel their business to become service driven and automated. 

Established over 160 years ago, Corbett’s the Galvanizers has built up an excellent reputation for developing a partnering approach with their customers, allowing them to provide them with the best solutions to their galvanizing requirements. 

“We are currently a volume-driven business, due to the way the previous owners worked,” says Sophie Williams, Financial Director & General Manager at Corbetts The Galvanizers. However, the firm is now looking to remodel the business to become inline with Industry 4.0, improve their processes and move away from certain markets. 

Many businesses have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, proving it to be an ideal time to future proof businesses with new models. With social distancing measures not going anywhere any time soon, it is a great opportunity to automate certain processes and introduce a new way of working to ensure staff and customers safety. 

So far, the firm is implementing procedural improvements to their materials yard to ensure everything runs more smoothly when it comes to goods leaving and arriving at the facility. In order to move into more Industry 4.0 focused processes, the firm has employed an expert in lean manufacturing for the next 6 months to ensure the change is successful. As a result of this, the firm has improved its throughput in excess of 50%

Though this has been a testing time for manufacturing, and other sectors, Corbetts has taken this opportunity to focus on dealing with issues and old processes within the business. The firm is looking to implement and finalise these new processes within the next 3 months. 

During the Pandemic, Corbetts has been open for business as usual with 60% of their workforce working from one plant in order to stick to social distancing measures. They have also been protecting staff by providing them with PPE and access to sanitizing stations. 

Offering manufacturers advice during the current climate, Sophie concluded:

“I think the learning curve from this is to keep going and not react in a panic situation. It is good to be quick thinking and react as situations evolve however now is the time to be diverse and to plan and implement change ready for when we emerge from this pandemic.” 

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